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DI Industrial is ready to provide services in the field of classic and CNC milling.

  • These include very accurate parts designed for industrial use, especially machine parts for electron microscopes, vacuum equipment, cryogenic and laboratory applications and for other machinery.
  • Production of parts and accurate pieces made of commonly used light alloy steels, and of special materials, including surface finishing.
  • Machined and wrought parts (cutting, pressing, bending)

Welded Components

  • Production of welded parts and units for various use
  • Welding and soldering of structural steel, stainless steel and light alloys.

Laser Marking

  • Top quality, accuracy and speed
  • Long live cycle
  • Contactless and clean processing
  • Usable for almost any material
  • High flexibility


Preparation 150,- CZK
One letter: 9,- CZK
prices with out VAT

Technological competencies:

MillingMax travel
Max travel
Max travel
CNC/NC milling DMG DMU 50 - 5 axis 500 450 400
DMC 80M - horizontal 4 axis 800 710 710
FNG 40 - 3 axis 450 400 400
Conventional milling FA3V, FNGJ 32 NS 115 800 400 400
FD40 1250 430 475
Max between
Ø of spindle
CNC/NC turning Gildemeister CTX 420 324 500 65
Gildemeister CTX 400 240 450 65
Gildemeister CTX 200 160 250 35
Weiler 120 CNC 120 300 16
Spinner PD/C-V3 counter spindle Ø 25 125 300 30
MAS SP 280 MC 280 565 61
Conventional turning TOS SU 50 500 1400 57
TOS SU 40 420 1900 50
TOS SU 18 340 650 41
TOS SU 28 250 650 32
Other technologies
Grinding conventional grinding – cylindrical, centreless, surface grinding, thread grinding, segmented wheel grinding, linishing, linishing for rotational components
Coordinate drilling WMW, MIKROMAT 4B
Material cutting band saw – max length 3000, max Ø 420, guillotine – cutting length 2500, max thickness of the sheet 4 mm
Electro-erosion machining Stratchylde T42-38 – spark eroder, EIR 002 EV – wire cutting machine
Mirror polishing disc polishing machine, belt polishing machine
Sheet metal forming punching – PWS 600CNC Baltec – CNC punching machine
stamping – PRESS, pressure 40 t, 60 t, 100 t
bending – bending machine
Welding MIG welding CO2, TIG, electron beam welding, ARC welding, spot welding
Soldering and Vacuum brazing vacuum furnace, flame soldering
Heat Treatment annealing in protective atmosphere of hydrogen, argon or vacuum (all types including magnetising annealing)
Surface treatment anodising of aluminium, electroless and galvanic nickel plating, galvanic zinc plating, titanium oxidation, surface preparation, spray painting, elimination of Ni coating
Cleaning ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum drying
Assembly mechanical and electromechanical assembly, clean assembly
Testing vacuum leak checking, helium leak detector PFEIFFER
Quality inspection 3D measuring systems Wenzel LH87 and MITUTOYO
digital height gauge TESA micro-hite
optical protractor CARL ZEISS
universal optical microscope CARL ZEISS
hardness tester etc.


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